Zoe George – Pilates


I have been recommending Zoe as a Pilates teacher to my patients for the last 4 years. Her classes are structured to accommodate the beginner and the advanced at the same time in a fun environment. She is very knowledgeable about the suitability of each of her exercises and how they relate to specific pains and injuries. I have been doing Pilates with Zoe for 4 years now and it has definitely helped not only reduce the incidence of back pain for me personally but by improving my core it has improved my tennis strokes in terms of power. I wholeheartedly recommend her classes.
Janet Adams
McTimoney Chiropractor.


I would recommend Zoe most highly as she is an excellent Pilates teacher and a kind and caring person.  She has helped me hugely with my mobility and back problems over the ten years I have been taught Pilates by her.  Her classes are intelligent and instructive but also fun. Jane Kildahl


Over the last 9 years I have been attending classes taught by Zoe.  I used to visit my osteopath regularly but since taking up Pilates and strengthening my core muscles the visits for treatment for back pain have been greatly reduced.  Despite having a husband who competes in triathlons and two teenage children who are sporty I am the only one who has the flexibility to touch their toes!  My main motivation is to keep flexible as I get older and I believe Pilates helps me to achieve this.


I have been going to Zoe’s Pilates classes for several years and really enjoy them. She is an excellent and caring teacher and always has a varied programme introducing new exercises on a regular basis. We manage to have fun as well as taking the exercises seriously and the classes have been great for keeping my “gardeners back” in check.

I would recommend Zoe’s classes without hesitation and cannot sing her praises enough.




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